In what way are The Flintstones related to the forex market?

You will often hear market analysts, journalists, reporters and traders refer to currencies or currency pairs by nicknames. The GBP/USD pair, for example, is usually referred to as “cable”, while the EUR/GBP is called “Chunnel”.

Below you will find a list we’ve compiled of the most popular currency nicknames used in foreign exchange, together with brief descriptions of their origins, so that you, too, will know why Fred and Wilma’s neighbours, Barnie and Betty Rubble, come up so often in the markets.


“Aussie” is a very common term for the Australian dollar (AUD), with AUD/USD often called the “Aussie-dollar”.

Barnie and Betty

Two recently-coined nicknames are “Barnie” and “Betty”, with “Barnie” being used in reference to the USD/RUB pair and “Betty” being a nickname of the EUR/RUB pair. These two terms allude to Barnie and Betty Rubble, the neighbours of Fred and Wilma in the popular show, The Flintstones.


One of the most frequently used nicknames in the foreign exchange is “Cable”, which refers to the GBP/USD pair. The term can be traced back to the mid-19th century, during which time the exchange rate between the two currencies was transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean via a submarine communications cable. The term “Cable” is sometimes used to refer to the pound sterling (GBP) as well.


The term “Chunnel” is an abbreviation of the “Channel Tunnel” connecting Britain to France and is used to refer to the EUR/GBP currency pair.


“Fiber” is the nickname of the euro. It is believed that the term originates from the fact that the paper used for euro banknotes is made of pure cotton fiber. The term “Fiber” is sometimes also used to refer to the EUR/USD currency pair.


All three terms are used to refer to the GBP/JPY pair, with “Guppy” being the most popular of the three.


A popular term in the foreign exchange market, “Kiwi” is used in reference to the New Zealand dollar (NZD). The term derives from the kiwi bird, an indigenous species which represents the national symbol of the country and is also depicted on the one-dollar coin.


Another popular nickname among traders, “Loonie” is used to refer to the Canadian dollar (CAD), mainly due to the image of a loon that is depicted on the one-dollar coin.


Predictably enough, “Ninja” is the nickname of the USD/JPY pair.

Single Currency

The “Single Currency” is the euro, which is called as such due to it being used across a number of European countries.


“Swissy” is very commonly used to refer to the Swiss franc (CHF), with EUR/CHF often called the “Euro-Swissy”.


“Yuppy” is a nickname for the EUR/JPY pair.

Did you know?

Many consider the year 1880 A.D. to mark the beginning of modern foreign exchange. The reason for this is that it was during this year that the gold standard was first introduced.

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